Essence of Passive Encouragement

by Toppus Bottomus

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This is an album for those times when one would like to enjoy the simple company of sound while completing a task.

Life is short, and I'm sure there are activities you would like to, or feel you must do today/tonite. I sought to produce a long piece of sound that could accompany you while you go ahead and do your thing. I like to think of it as a potion. Or some sort of empowering scent. "Essence of Passive Encouragement".

Whether one might be trying to sleep, cook, garden, sex, relax, bike, read, meditate, play a game, solve a puzzle, craft, trip out, write, pray, think, or what have you, these sounds should be able to keep you comfortable and subtly stimulated without distracting you too much.

I realize that the vibraphone is a strange choice of instrument for furniture music, since it's sudden attack can often startle and catch one off guard. Yet it is a very beautiful sort of sound with many colliding overtones that could maybe even entertain some one who might want to complete the task of being entertained by 'music'.
This is a magical instrument, and I believe the purity of the tones within have powers . Are these healing powers? Can these sounds be medicinal? Have I failed my goal only to stumble upon an even greater success???

< PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS HELPS YOU COMPLETE YOUR TASK, OR IF YOU FIND IT TOO DISTRACTING. This is an experiment! and YOU are an essential part of the conclusionary process.

This album is part 1 of the "whatever works series", a planned series of functional recordings intended to help the listener achieve some thing beyond entertainment.
And since my motto while recording this is "whatever works", it just may not, but I need your help in figuring that out!


released May 2, 2015

Vibraphone parts recorded in Ellicotville, NY 4/25/15
Mellotron and Violin recorded in Buffalo, NY 4/29/15

All sounds were improvised, then pieced together on audacity.
"your ride to your ziggurat" was recorded as-is on an eraserheadless tape recorder.

Toppus Bottomus- vibraphone, mellotron flute (track 2)
Ana Vafai- violin (track 2)



all rights reserved


Toppus Bottomus Buffalo, New York

Toppus Bottomus has carried the torch of Yr Ziggurat since 2004. He doesn't know how he got it, who or what gave it to him, or where it came from, but he's determined to find out. Many people have made music with Yr Ziggurat, and you should contact Toppus if you want to as well ... more

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